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Ep. 24 – The Top 10 Gardens in Ireland

Powerscourt House and Gardens

Ireland boasts many beautiful and interesting gardens. In this episode, we highlight a few of our favorites. It’s difficult to narrow down our list to just ten, but we have made our choices. If you have a favorite garden, please feel free to send a comment telling us about your favorite garden and why it is special to you.

Remember, the list is no particular order! Continue Reading…

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Episode 8 – Powerscourt

Pepper Pot Tower at Powerscourt

Pepper Pot Tower at Powerscourt

We talk briefly about Belvelly Castle, mentioned in an earlier episode about Cobh. Then we talk about our trip to Powerscourt.

*Please note: We are not specifically endorsing any of the websites, companies, tourist sites or products that we list in our show notes. We are simply providing links to things we have mentioned in our podcast. You need to do your own research when deciding upon a product or service provider to find out which one best suits your individual needs and desires. Continue Reading…

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Days 2, 3 & 4 in Ireland

Hook Head Coast

Hook Head Coast

Day 2 in Ireland, we headed over to Kinsale to visit Charles Fort and view the cute little village. Charles Fort was well worth the drive – even after getting turned around in Cork – and we would recommend this site to anyone visiting the area. Continue Reading…

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