Episode 7 – Searching for Your Irish Roots

Annie Moore Statue in Cobh

Annie Moore Statue in Cobh

In this episode, we interview our friend and travelling companion, Lisa, about her experiences regarding researching her Irish family roots.

One caveat: When doing research and finding information from any source, donât believe that the information you find is accurate until you can verify it by finding a second source that backs up that information. The government records arenât always accurate and neither are family records or the records of churches for that matter. ALWAYS CROSS-VERIFY YOUR INFORMATION!

The National Archives of Ireland


Irish Family History Foundation website


The Irish Family History Foundation is the coordinating body for a network of county based genealogical research centers on the island of Ireland.

Centres specifically mentioned in podcast Episode 7:

Meath Heritage Centre
Castle Street

(next to Trim Castle)
Trim, Co. Meath


County Cavan Genealogy Centre
1st Floor, Johnston Central Library
Farnham Street
Cavan Town, Co. Cavan


Irish Genealogy Limited website


This is the official web site of Irish Genealogy Limited (IGL).
Irish Genealogy Limited was set up in 1993 to manage and market the Irish Genealogical Project.

Ireland Gen Web Project website


This site is part of the WorldGenWeb Project and is the local resource index page for Ireland research. It has a clickable map of all the Irish counties.

Irish Family Research

(Based in the U.K.)


Founded by Mary Quinn, a lawyer from the U.K. Links and information and a message board where you can try to find information that others may already have located. (Many genealogical research sites have these message boards, and they can prove helpful in your search.)

Ireland Roots website


There is no information on this website (that we have been able to ascertain at any rate â doesnât mean it isnât there; we just havenât seen it) about who is sponsoring this website. But there is a very active message board associated with the site and some interesting information about starting your search for your roots (not specifically Irish roots, just genealogical research in general).

Irish Ancestors research page from RootsWeb and Ancestry.com


Not all resources from Ancestry.com are free, but this page contains the links to a bunch of resources specifically related to Irish genealogical research that are free.



On-line document look-ups. Many services are free, but if you want to print, save, or annotate all of their documents, you will need a membership. There are millions and millions of document images from all over the world on this site. I found that many of the ones I wanted to look at require a membership to access, but there are tons of documents you can access for free.

This might be a great place to go when youâre just starting your research. You could probably obtain a lot of good free information to get you started. Then you could get a membership later when youâre further along in your researchâ

U.K. Genealogy website


This portion of the website is specifically related to Irish root research. You can search for information on your U.K. roots as well, which is rather nice.

Irish Times


Even the Irish Times newspaper sponsors a website related to finding your roots!

About.com website


This page is a list of what About.com considers the top 12 online resources for researching your Irish ancestors. Interesting stuff â not all of the areas of all of the sites are free though.

(Side note: About.com has a pretty large genealogy section, and they have some good articles about getting started with research, top mistakes to avoid, organizing your research, finding software thatâs right for you, and lots of other things. Go to http://genealogy.about.com/od/make_family_tree/u/learn.htm to find out more.)

Ancestry Ireland


Sponsored by the Ulster Historical Foundation. You can do just about anything on this site. You can enter an ancestorâs name to find records, you can hire a researcher to help you do your research, you can find books to help you with your research, and more.

Parts of this site are free, but some areas require a fee payment.

Cyndiâs List


This website has a ton of links to sites that might be able to help you with your research! Of course, we didnât have time to check them all out and make sure that all of the links were working or that the sites were useful, but we recognized many of the sites as places we had already been.

Family Search


This site is sponsored by the Church of Latter Day Saints (a.k.a. Mormon church).

Irish Genealogy Centre (Professional Ancestral Research) Website


There is some good general information about how to go about doing family research, but a lot of the other pages donât have any information on them.





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  1. Originally Posted by Mary Quinn, Imported by EngagingIreland – The Irish Family Research Website – http://www.irishfamilyresearch.co.uk has 100s of rare searchable databases available online. Free & Fee based membership is available to suit Members’ research needs. All-Ireland Databases include 19th Century Residents Directories, Wills Indexes, extremely rare Gravestone Inscriptions dating principally from the 17th-19th Centuries, Electoral & School Registers, and much more. In addition to Searchable Datbases, Members can view Research Interests posted by other Members, as well as locate Research Articles and Specialist Research Books to help trace their Irish Ancestry.

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