The Construction Continues!

Whew!  This rebuilding project is taking longer than we planned, but don’t they always?  We’ve got about half of the blog posts and podcast show notes copied over to the new site.  The bulk of the basics are in place…all the pages are there, all the links work (we hope) and more content is being added each day.  We hope to have the remainder of the posts and show notes moved over by the evening of September 10th (as well as the comments, if we can figure out a good way to do that).  After that, we’ll be focusing our attention on adding more photos to the photo page, getting some links added to “Our Favorites” and getting the new Forum in shape and some discussion-starting questions posted.

This weekend, we plan to record a brief show to let everyone know about the new and improved site.  We hope that everyone can stop by and take a look and that you enjoy what you see!

The construction begins!

To the fans of the EngagingIreland podcast…we know that there are a few of you out there…please be patient.  It’s September 8th and we’re beginning the update to our new hosting service, and our new WordPress blog.  Unfortunately, we had to shift the URL over to the new site before we could begin our updates.  Fortunately, we’ve been working on creating a demo website behind the scenes, so the majority of the construction should be over fairly quickly (by the evening of September 8th).  The changes to the blogpage should not negatively impact the podcast feed subscriptions in any way.

So, what can you expect on our new page?  Well, we’re glad you asked!  At the very least, the new and improved Engaging Ireland website will (eventually) contain the following

  • A much cleaner, nicer interface (with more photos, yay!)
  • A list of our most recent Twitter updates.
  • A separate photo page, with photo albums broken out by location.
  • A forum, where you can all ask questions, share stories, and talk about Ireland.
  • A separate page of travel tips.
  • More detailed lists of our favorite websites and resources for Ireland trip planning.
  • A new page for guest blogs and special features.
  • More information about us (just in case you wondered)

Now that we’ve got you interested in what you’ll see once this is all over, hopefully you’ll be able to be patient while we finish today’s construction.  When you come to this page on 9/9/09, what you see (we hope) will be an immense improvement, and extremely useful to you when you’re planning your next trip to Ireland.

Thanks!  Slan!

Travis & Kathy

Episode 15 – Tommy Sands Interview

Tommy, Moya and Fionán Sands (Courtesy of Ixtlan Artist's Group)

Tommy, Moya and Fionán Sands (Courtesy of Ixtlan Artist's Group)

We caught up with Tommy Sands, world-renowned singer/songwriter and social activist from County Down, at the 2009 Milwaukee Irish Fest and asked him about his musical influences, his new book The Songman: A Journey in Irish Music, and how he views the changes that have taken place in the last few decades in Northern Ireland. (more…)