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3 thoughts on “Engaging Ireland – Episode 18 – St. Patrick: Separating the Life from the Legend

  1. The way you disclaim the “legends of Patrick” throughout this podcast, makes it seem that you don’t believe in the miraculous. That may not be accurate, but it’s too bad this wasn’t presented by folks that carry traditional Christian beliefs. After all, Patrick was a Christian and it seems great works were done through him. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    • Thank you for listening to the episode, and for taking the time to comment. We greatly value all the responses we receive, both positive or negative. We’re not sure where you got the idea that we don’t carry “traditional Christian beliefs,” that we don’t believe in the miraculous or that we were in some way trying to detract from what Saint Patrick accomplished in his ministry in Ireland. This podcast was merely an attempt to examine what is known about Patrick, based upon the publicly available written historical record and not any sort of commentary regarding his impact upon Irish culture (which was huge), nor an attempt to change anyone’s beliefs regarding the many miracles attributed to Saint Patrick. Beannacht Dé leat!

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