MiniCast – The Gathering

In this brief MiniCast, we talk about the year long promotion being spearheaded by Fáilte Ireland in 2012.  This promotion, being called The Gathering, is really a series of cultural and sporting events that will take place throughout the year and is an effort by Fáilte Ireland to entice Irish people who have moved abroad and those of Irish ancestry to return to Ireland for a visit.  You can read more about The Gathering on our daily blog:

Also, more information about one of the sporting events taking place in 2012, the Notre Dame and Navy football game in Dublin, can be found here:

Two other websites where you might find more information about those events that make up The Gathering:

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2 thoughts on “MiniCast – The Gathering

  1. Anything and everything that promotes Irishness and Ireland is to be applauded. I am immensely proud, as I am sure are many, of my Irish heritage and I urge everyone to celebrate their Irish roots.

  2. Update on The Gathering – From Irish Travel Trade News (

    “At the recent Global Irish Economic Forum , Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport Leo Varadkar TD presented proposals for the biggest tourism initiative ever staged in Ireland. ‘The Gathering’ will be a year-long event in 2013 where people at home and abroad can play a part in the country’s recovery, potentially bringing 325,000 extra visitors and providing a major economic stimulus.”

    So, it looks like The Gathering for Ireland has been pushed out to 2013!

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