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Episode 1 – Planning Your First Trip to Ireland

Our update -  Being outsourced and the beginning of the job hunt in Ireland.
Planning your first trip to Ireland – an overview.

Irish job sites
Recruit Ireland (
Monster (
Loadzajobs (

Some news Sources
Irish Emigrant(
The Irish times (
The RTE morning show (

Other links mentioned
Fairymount Farm (
Ordnance Survey Ireland (
Metric Conversion (

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  1. Originally posted by Chuck, Imported by EngagingIreland – Thanks for the informative connection. However, I too am new to podcasts. I was able to listen to Ep #0; Can not make Ep #1 work. No matter what I try it ends up at Ep #2. I was able to listen to Ep #2 but needed to shut it off about halfway through. I found there was no way to pick up where I left off when I tried to resume that evening. Is there a way to do that? Or do I just need to learn more about podcasts.(I am not an Apple person). Keep up the good work. I am finding your info usable for my trip in September. Chuck

  2. Thanks for listening, Chuck! We’re just happy to know that someone out there is listening and finds this useful. We have to agree that the player that our hosting service provides isn’t very useable. We keep looking for some other embedded player, but most of what we’ve seen is specific to other hosting or blog services, so we can’t use them. When you say that you’re not an “Apple” person, does that mean that you don’t have an IPOD, or that you won’t use Itunes at all? Even if you don’t have an IPOD, you can still download Itunes for free and use that software to listen to podcasts online. We’re currently in the process of updating our website and will add a separate page with more instructions about how to download the podcasts and listen to them using various methods. If Itunes is a possibility, this site has some useful video tutorials describing the Itunes software and how to find podcasts on the Itunes Store: Once you get Itunes installed, however, if you click on the itunes link on our webpage, it will take you right to the spot in the Itunes store where you can subscribe to our podcast (for free, of course) and download any past episodes. Thanks again for listening. If you have any questions about Ireland, additional questions about listening to our podcast, or need more information about specific places you’re thinking about visiting, feel free to send us an E-mail at We’ll answer with as much information as we’ve got and try to provide additional resources where our own experience falls short. We hope you have a great trip in September!

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