Engaging Ireland – Episode 19 – Skellig Michael

View from the top of Skellig Michael

In this episode we talk about our hands-down, bar none, favorite day out of all the things we’ve done and seen in Ireland: our visit to Skellig Michael.

The following links are mentioned in this episode of the podcast:

The B&B Network Ireland site: http://www.ireland-bnb.net/

Skellig Experience website: http://www.skelligexperience.com

Skellig Experience boat operators list: http://www.skelligexperience.com/boat.htm

BirdWatch Ireland: http://www.birdwatchireland.ie

Skelligs Rock Bird Information: http://www.skelligsrock.com/wildlife.htm

Skellig Info from the Dioces of Kerry: http://www.dioceseofkerry.ie/page/heritage/holy-places/skellig/

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5 thoughts on “Engaging Ireland – Episode 19 – Skellig Michael

    • Dan…thanks for your concern…and, no we’re not done. 🙂

      After our last show, well, life happened. A bunch of traveling (not to Ireland, unfortunately), some hectic time on the job, and some family stuff kept us from getting anything out since the Skellig Michael episode. The good news is, we think we’ve got things (somewhat) under control now, are working hard on the editing for episode 20, and have plans for the next 4 or 5 episodes laid out. So, keep your eye out for more episodes…

      Thanks for listening! Slan!

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