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Episode 14 – Fairymount Farm – John and Linda Kenny Interview

The Old Cottage at Fairymount

The Old Cottage at Fairymount

When we were planning our first trip to Ireland, we had no idea what we were doing. We were traveling with another couple and none of us had been outside of the borders of North America before. We had a lot of decisions to make. How would we decide what to see and do? Should we stay in hotels? Or B&Bs? Or should we rent a self-catering accommodation for the week? If we were to stay in a self-catering accommodation, where would we want it to be located?

After much discussion and deliberation, we finally agreed that self-catering would be the best for us. Even though we would have to go out, see the sites and then make our way back to the same place each day (therefore lengthening our travel time) we were very attracted to the lower cost. The ability to make our own meals and the fact that we would not have to pack each morning and carry our things with us each day (as we would if we stayed in separate B&B locations near the attractions we were going to see) were also deciding factors in our choice to stay in a centralized self-catered accommodation.

It was our very good fortune that, while researching places to stay, we found the website for Fairymount Farm. An excellent, centralized place to stay, with all of the comforts of home, set in the beautiful Tipperary countryside, it was perfect. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Fairymount and have continued to return there for at least a week on each of our trips back to Ireland.

John and Linda Kenny have been the perfect hosts. They have always done everything possible to make our stay memorable and enjoyable and have always given their advice on what sites to see next. On our most recent trip to Ireland, John and Linda were kind enough to sit down with us for an interview. During the interview, we discussed the farm, their self-catering accommodations, and their suggestions for the best things to see in Ireland. We hope that you enjoy the conversation as much as we did!

Want more information about Fairymount Farm? See their site at:

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