The Construction Continues!

Whew!  This rebuilding project is taking longer than we planned, but don’t they always?  We’ve got about half of the blog posts and podcast show notes copied over to the new site.  The bulk of the basics are in place…all the pages are there, all the links work (we hope) and more content is being added each day.  We hope to have the remainder of the posts and show notes moved over by the evening of September 10th (as well as the comments, if we can figure out a good way to do that).  After that, we’ll be focusing our attention on adding more photos to the photo page, getting some links added to “Our Favorites” and getting the new Forum in shape and some discussion-starting questions posted.

This weekend, we plan to record a brief show to let everyone know about the new and improved site.  We hope that everyone can stop by and take a look and that you enjoy what you see!